Summer Time Tray from a Thrift Store Find!

Summer Time! My most favorite season. I love being able to spend the day outside, it feels like a whole new world opens, right?  I wanted to perk up my back yard patio table and I found this dated little Christmas tray at a thrift store for 99 cents  and figured I could jazz it up to give it a little summer pizzazz. I probably could have pondered through my Christmas decorations and may have found something similar but paying a buck for it was a lot easier then snooping through too many disorganized boxes down cellar. So, here’s how I made this summer time tray from a thrift store find…


•White Paint

•Mod Podge

•Craft Paper

•4 cute knobs

•Polycrylic to Seal

Here is what I started with…cute but not my style. Plus I wanted something fresh and summery.

Here is the before, cute but I wanted something different.

I gave it a few coats of paint to start.

I always use those cheap foam brushes…no messy clean up since I usually toss them when I am done with the project.

I suppose I could have left it white but I wanted to give it a little more pizzazz so I cut a piece of craft paper to fit the bottom of the tray and adhered it using Mod Podge. I like to mix the Mod Podge with a little water. I then painted the Mod Podge on the tray and smoothed the craft paper on. Despite smoothing it out as best as I could my paper crinkled a little bit anyway. Still looked cute. If you have any tricks or tips to smooth out or prevent crinkles when using Mod Podge with paper,  please share!

Cute Summer Time Craft Paper

My finishing touch was adding 4 little knobs as feet for the summer time tray!

I think the little feet add the perfect touch! Never mind my wrinkles 🙂


I then coated it with some polycrylic and Wallah! Cute little summer time tray from a thrift store find!



Here it with a little candle my mom brought me back from her trip to Hawaii.

I am off to enjoy this beautiful summer day and make myself a Bloody Mary…one of my favorite cocktails. I hope you have a sunny week ♥ Please like my Facebook page to keep up on all my projects!

4 thoughts on “Summer Time Tray from a Thrift Store Find!

  1. I do a lot of collaging. I have discovered that if you put a coat of Mod Podge on your item and let it dry then put another coat on that you will use to adhere your paper or fabric with. Because you put the first coat on that allows a little give with moving your fabric or paper around …not a lot but if you don’t do it wherever you lay your paper down with the first coat that you put on it’s going to stay right there. If you have the initial coat and it’s allowed to dry before the next coat then you will be able to move your paper around a little bit. Usually wrinkles form because you have too much mod podge under that space. Try to make sure it’s even. I also use old cut up T-shirts to flatten the papers out. Because if you use your fingers sometimes the ink/color will come off the paper. Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I will give it a try! I love the look but the wrinkles are so annoying! I had better luck with tissue paper…less wrinkles.

  2. Hey girl,

    Love this post. I’ve actually been looking for one of these, but I love this design. Such a fun DIY. I might just have to stop at a thrift store later today.

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