Simple Farmhouse Style Tray

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I had an idea to dress up the dining room table with a simple farmhouse style tray.  I sorta had an idea in my head, I knew I wanted it to be white and distressed and simple! So, last weekend at my local reuse center ( it’s my go to spot for materials and thrift store stuff) they were having an Earth Day sale and everything was 50% off! Too bad for me, I was in a bit of a rush, so I couldn’t browse for as long as I wanted, but I was able to find a really cool piece of rough cut board. Best of all it was already painted white so that made this a super sweet find,not to mention it only cost me 50 cents!

Material and Supplies

This project only required one 6 foot long 1×2 and an additional 16 inches of the same size board to brace the tray together. A miter saw and a brad nailer. I also glued a little felt on the bottom of the tray so the wood wouldn’t scratch the table.  I got lucky and didn’t need to paint it…you can finish yours anyway you like.

I gave the board a good sanding with my electric hand sander before I made any cuts. Then I cut the 6 ft board into four 18 inch sections. I used my trusty little miter saw for this!

DIY Tray farmhouse style
Rough Cut Board for The Farmhouse Tray

I also cut two 8 inch pieces of the same size board which are to be used to brace the tray.

Cuts go quickly when you use this bad boy!

I lined the 18 inch boards  up together, just the way I wanted, placed my cross brace one inch from the ends and used my nail gun to secure the brace to the tray. Super freakin’ simple, right!

Small squares of felt glued on the bottom so it wouldn’t scratch my table, just in case.

I know it sounds simple and maybe I shouldn’t be so excited but I was completely thrilled at the way it turned out! Plus it’s so versatile! I can use it as a base for a center piece, a tray for serving snacks or a wall hanging!!! Right now I have it on my dining room table but I am sure I will be changing things up before too long and it may be hanging on my wall next month.

Here it is as a base to my dining table center piece!


You can use it as a serving tray! Delightful!
Here it is as a wall hanging with a little boxwood wreath attached!

Cute, right?! Simple and easy and cheap! Just the way I like it!  Plus it gives so much farmhouse charm however you decide to use it! Have a happy week!

12 thoughts on “Simple Farmhouse Style Tray

    1. Oh thank you Betsy! I really love this tray! I was sooo excited after I finished it – sounds crazy because it was so simple but it just screams farmhouse and I love it!

  1. Love the idea of using it as a serving tray. We’re on 50 acres so I’m off to hunt the property for some wood to use.

    1. Oh you are so lucky – I would love space to roam! Have fun making one! I was crazy excited about how this turned out😊

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