Hello Spring, Red Cabbage Dyed Easter Eggs & Spring Time Mantel!

Things around the house have been a little different the past few weeks. My husband has been in charge of closing our restaurant at night because our oldest son Elliott ( who’s our chief cook and bottle washer) has been on a road trip. This is the second year that he and his buddies set out on an adventure to the Florida Keys. He and a friend chipped in together and bought a van, you know the kind with the big windows on the side, captains chairs and a bed in the back? He’s a bit of a minimalist, they camped around Florida and stopped wherever the mighty van took them (or broke down). He texted me from St. Augustine to let me know the van died. Elliott is pretty resourceful (like his mama) and got it back on the road in no time. Here’s a cute picture of him and his travel companions from last year.

The Crew on The Mighty Van, circa 2016

So it’s been little old me and my two younger kids at night. Β Since trying to start the blog, I have had my nose in the computer and thoughts running a mile a minute in my head. Β I have been gathering ideas for blog posts, researching blogging, developing the blog, thinking about all the projects I need to do around the house in order to write my blog and a million other things. I felt like I needed to give my mind a rest and involve my 11 year old (Alexander) in a project right up a middle school boys alley. Coloring Easter eggs using natural food dye! Sounds interesting right? We boiled orange peels and carrot tops with an attempt to make a yellow dye, we used red wine, cinnamon tea, pomegranate juice and strong coffee. Whoa, the process was fun but the dye was an epic failure! You can see for yourself….

I didn’t want to give up on this idea though, Β so I researched a little more and found this idea from Honestly Yum, dying eggs robin egg blue with red cabbage. This idea was kinda perfect because I wanted to redecorate my mantel and incorporate the eggs to give it a Springy, Eastery feel. I still had Christmas decorations on it so I figured it was high time!

Using Red Cabbage to Dye Easter Eggs
Speckled Blue Eggs

I chopped up the cabbage threw it in a pot and let it boil away. I wanted to show you how magenta the dye turned out and then how it amazingly dyed the eggs this beautiful Robin Egg Blue Color. The darker ones stayed in the dye for over two hours and the lighter ones I only left in for a half an hour. Then I got an old toothbrush and speckled away with some gold craft paint and… Tada… beautiful Blue Eggs! I was amazed!

Robin Egg Blue Eggs


So believe it or not, I have been working on these eggs all week long! I finally finished them on Friday night. I spent Saturday morning clearing off the mantel and putting the remnants of the Christmas decorations away. I got a clean slate and got to workin’ on my masterpiece! Here’s the finished product! I couldn’t wait for my husband to wake up and see it (he’s my biggest fan). I am just as excited to show you!

Hello Spring!


Spring Mantel

Isn’t that Hello Spring print the sweetest?! Printables are all over Pinterest these days. I got this one from Christina’s Adventures, she is a super successful blogger who I have followed for a while and I really love her style and I loved this printable! I painted and distressed an old frame and it looks imperfectly perfect!

I hope this post sparks your creativity! I would love to hear whatcha think about these sweet little eggs. You can comment below and please like and share me on Facebook! Enjoy the extra hour of daylight…Spring is on it’s way…maybe that’s wishful thinking!





56 thoughts on “Hello Spring, Red Cabbage Dyed Easter Eggs & Spring Time Mantel!

  1. I have been wanting to try natural dye eggs. I may just get to it this year. I love the blue and gold speckles. Great start to your blog!

    1. Thanks Shannon! I am glad you were able to comment- aren’t those eggs beautiful- you should try it your boys would like it too!

    1. Yes Alex, it was a magenta color liquid…I never thought they would come out this beautiful but they did and I love them! Thank you for reading my blog!

  2. Your little eggs turned out amazingly beautiful! They look right at home there on your beautiful Mantel! I am looking forward to trying this!

    Thank you so much for sharing your cleverness over at Waste Not Wednesday!! πŸ™‚

  3. Love how you organically colored these eggs. It will be a fun project to have kids experiment with other things that could potentially add color πŸ™‚ Your mantel is also stylin’!

  4. Wow that is a beautiful color blue! I would have never thought that would come from cabbage. I was thinking I wanted to use veggies to dye eggs with my daughter this year so this is perfect!! My first thought had been to use red beets to get a purple/magenta. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Gorgeous Easter eggs, I love how they are all different shades of blue. What is it with red (purple) cabbage? whenever I make slaw the color bleeds, almost like they were dyed.

    Love your writing style with your blog, keep it up!

  6. Beautiful
    My motif is reds and golds. Any ideas? Would be appreciated.
    Also wondering about the smell of egg and rotting?

    1. Thank you Marilyn! Oooo I like red and gold, that was the colors of my Christmas tree this year. How about beets? Let them boil for a long time, then add a decent amount of vinegar. Soak them for hours but check regularly …as far as the smell, I actually blew the eggs out after they were dyed before speckling. It was a project- took me days to complete…let me know if you do make them I would like to see how they turn out! Post it to my Facebook page!

  7. May i assume the cabbage dye was cool to the touch before adding the eggs to dye them? Otherwise they might begin to cook?

  8. I love your blue Easter eggs! I haven’t dyed eggs in years & I really want to try this natural way of dying them! Thanks for the inspiration & sharing which way works best! πŸ™‚

  9. These look so beautiful! Dying to see the rest of your house (in a non-creepy way!) because it looks like you’re doing a fab job with the decor! What was your husband’s reaction? πŸ™‚

    xx Rebecca | ceruleanshe.com

    1. Hi Rebbecca! Thank you!! My husband is my biggest fan- he loves the eggs as much as I do! I will keep posting on my house as projects get finished- stay tuned!!!

  10. Your place looks beautiful, I love how those eggs turns out. I need to try this color next year. You are doing awesome decorating your place.

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