Inspirational Farmhouse Style Tray

It’s Mother’s Day! I enjoyed the day with my favorite gals! One of them being my sweet little mama! She had heard an inspirational quote on C-SPAN the other day ( yes, she loves book reviews on C-SPAN, cute right?!). It was from Mark Twain and it goes like this…The two most important days in your life are the day you are born  and the day you find out why. She really found it thought provoking and  wanted to display it some how. She had asked me how she could get it printed and maybe frame it but I had another idea in mind! I decided to make an inspirational farmhouse style tray with the quote written on it. I was inspired by The Interior Frugalista and her rustic tray that she made a few weeks ago. Here goes guys!

Simple and Easy Farmhouse Style Tray

I had lots of scrap wood and such hanging around so this was almost a no cost project. I did buy a new metallic gold sharpie paint pen for the lettering! [this post contains affiliate links]

I used a 1×3 for the sides of the tray and for the base an old shelf from an MDF cheap-o book case. I had found the old book case on the side of the road and pack rat me picked it up thinking “someday I will use this”. Today is the day!

Mark Twain quote on Tray
Supplies Gathered!

I stained the wood strips…

Staining the Wood

Then I wrote my little quote with my magic metallic gold sharpie paint pen…how did I get the lettering so neat you ask??? Well I used a similar method as my fancy chalk board sign (check out my tutorial) a few weeks ago except instead of using white chalk on the back of my paper I used pencil. Then filled the lettering in with the gold pen! I patiently let it dry and then sprayed it with some matte sealant.

I used my brad nailer to attach the sides of the tray to the base. I added some old cabinet pulls on either side and TADA! My second try at a tray was done and I was really happy with how it turned out. You can check out my first tray here.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
Lilacs! They are in full bloom this week! Can you smell them?

Well, I gave it to my Mom ♥ As you can imagine she was thrilled and cried and retold the story of how she learned of the quote in the first place. I listened again and thought how lucky I was to be able to spend the day with this kind and cheerful soul and even luckier that I get to call her Mom! I hope you had a day filled with love…I know I did and my heart is smiling! Enjoy your week.

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