How We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day…

I love St. Patrick’s Day, it’s one of those holidays where there is no expectation to do buy any gifts or celebrate in any special way, no need to provide any elaborate meals or saturate the house with decorations. I may cook corned beef and cabbage one year, make special cupcakes the next but one thing that has remained a tradition is “Lucky”. Since Elliott was small we have had a little visitor come to our house every St. Patrick’s Day, we named him  “Lucky The Leprechaun”.  He slips into our house while we aren’t home and plays all sorts of crazy tricks on us. “Lucky” likes to hide golden wrapped candies around the house and leave special forbidden treats to the kids like big bottles of Mountain Dew and sugary cereals ( it’s powdered sugared donuts this year). The sneaky little fella has turned the milk green, hung dirty laundry from the chandelier, writes “Lucky was here” in lipstick on the mirror and bedazzles the house with gaudy green shamrocks and ribbons.We look forward to his visit every year. By the way this cute little idea didn’t pop into my head out of nowhere, I need to give credit where credit is due. Many years ago my friend told me how she would hide chocolate coins for her girls on St. Patrick’s Day and blame it on that little leprechaun…so I owe this little tradition to you Chris, thank you for many years of fun!

St. Patrick’s Day

Speaking of appreciation, I wanted to show my mom a little love this St. Patrick’s Day. I know she is wild about Irish Blessings.I have been wild about those darn printables I am finding all over Pinterest. Soooo, I found this little cutie and decided to jazz it up for my sweet momma! I printed it off on a cream colored heavy weight paper and adjusted the print size on the computer. I have been going to Staples (they do an awesome job) to have them printed but all this darn snow had me stuck home for two days so I resorted to using my black and white laser printer. I painted two little pieces of wood gold and hung a little rope around the top, you can hang it anywhere but I thought it would be cute hanging off a door knob.

Irish Blessing Door Hanger

My decorations were pretty minimal this year, I gave my little chalk board some attention and drew a little wreath with a shout out to Lucky. I am still working on my writing technique but it was fun and simple and I thought it came out cute. Well, I hope you had fun today and remembered to wear some green. Who knows, maybe next year a little leprechaun will sneak into your house and create a little chaos too. May your day be touched with a little Irish luck, brightened by a song in your heart and warmed by the smiles of the people you love. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Friends! xoxo Holly

7 thoughts on “How We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day…

    1. I enjoyed reading this Holly! As I was reading I was thinking that Lucky visited us and Sonia until she was in college! So glad to see the tradition has carried on and that the little sneaky guy leaves forbidden treats!! Love that idea!!! Maybe when I have grandkids!!!!

    1. Thank you Marina! We had lots of fun, we look forward to lucky every year…my youngest just turned two so we will have many more years of fun:)

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