How to Make an Industrial Wall Sconce

I have been wrapping up my bathroom project…FINALLY! One of my latest and greatest projects for that room was figuring out how to make an Industrial Wall Sconce. The lighting in my bathroom is terrible! I have no mounted ceiling light and one outlet! Who designs a bathroom with one outlet??!! Anyway, I am resourceful and can work around that…so as I was conjuring up ideas for lighting, I stumbled across the idea of a hanging caged pendant light. I scoured the internet and found one on Amazon for relatively cheap. Bonus! This light came with an Edison bulb…can’t beat that for 22 bucks! It also came with a hook and I initially thought I was going to hang it from the ceiling but…it needed more! So I decided to make a wooden bracket and turn it into a Wall Sconce. Here goes the tale of the DIY Industrial Wall Sconce…

Material List

Vintage Metal Caged Pendant Light    [affiliate link; by clicking I make a small commission, no extra charge for you]
•Wood Glue
•3 foot piece of 1×1
•Wood Stain
•Power Drill
•Brad Nailer
•Miter Saw
•Two Wood Screws

If you read my previous post, I recently became the owner of a shiny (new to me) miter saw. I love him. I was pretty confident I could figure out how to build a little bracket. I have a few second hand stores I love to shop at and one of them is a re-use center that sells scrap wood, old house parts like old door knobs and kitchen sinks, along with a little bit of this and a little bit of that…you get the drift. So I picked up a 3 foot piece of wood for a quarter…yes 25 cents! It was hardwood and completely perfect for the bracket.

Step 1

First step was measuring and measuring and measuring before I cut. I knew I wanted to cut one piece longer and I am usually pretty good at “eyeballing” my measurements but I used my trusty tape measurement for this project. I cut the long piece 13 inches, the shorter one 10 inches and then used the miter to cut the interior cross piece which ended up being about 9 1/2 inches. Simple and easy! That’s the way I like it! Swung the miter to the left at 45 degrees and cut one end and swung my miter to the right at 45 degrees and cut the other. My measurements weren’t spot on but I didn’t need perfection for this project.

Step 2

I then used wood glue (wood glue I didn’t have but ran to the hardware store to get) to secure all the pieces together in order to power a brad nail into the side of each joint.

Steps 3,4,5, and 6!

I drilled two holes in order to hang it. I gave it a light sand and stained it with English Chestnut from Minwax. It’s a darker color stain and I ended up using two coats. I am an inpatient DIYer…it was too hard for me to wait for the stain to dry. I probably should have given it another 24 hours but… I didn’t. I had to rub off stain residue from these gleaming white walls. Being inpatient usually means more work, I am trying to learn that lesson!  The cord is super long so if you buy this, no need for it to be too close to an outlet because you have lots of cord to play with. Speaking of the cord, it’s covered in cloth which gives it that extra vintage feel. Oops…I also screwed in the silver hook that came with the kit into the bracket and painted it …I just used simple black craft paint, the silver stood out too much. Isn’t it a beauty?!

Simple and Sweet!

This little sconce throws off the perfect amount of light, it has given this little corner of my bathroom just the right touch for the Industrial Farmhouse flare I was looking for. I love it! It was really easy (and I like easy!) and if you don’t have the power tools you can surely make it with a hand saw, miter box and a good ol’ fashion hammer and nails! If you happen to make any of my little goodies I would love to hear from you! See you next week!



35 thoughts on “How to Make an Industrial Wall Sconce

  1. Holly, I can’t get over what a great job you did on the wall sconce!! Your bathroom looks so pretty. I love your blog……..keep it coming!!

    1. Thanks Gay! My bathroom is coming along and I am almost ready to post about that long journey- I have been working on it since September:)

  2. I love this idea and your tutorial was great! I’m saving this one – we are starting a bedroom makeover soon (with a teeny tiny budget) and these would look great on either side of the bed! Thanks for the inspiration – I’ll be following along with your blog!!

    1. Totally Leah! You would love it- it’s super easy to use and it’s empowering to be able to use a power saw….I bought mine for forty bucks it was well worth it!

  3. You have such a cute blog! I love all your ideas. My dad has been slowing giving me some of his power tools and teaching me how to use them so I’ll need some projects!

    1. Hi Rachel! You and me both I want to make everything- it’s a simple project though, I hope you can get to it someday! Thank you for your kind words:)

  4. Holly,
    The wall sconce is the perfect addition to your farmhouse bathroom. A miter saw is a must in your tool box. Am I right? It is nice to meet another DIY Gal. Thanks for adding to TADA this week.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie

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