Happy Hutch!

So this little hutch has been kicking around my house forever. My mom gave it to me years ago and its gone in and out of style, its been painted 10 different colors and probably had its turn in every room of my house.  I have had it hidden in the upstairs bathroom for a very long time. It’s a happy little hutch. It needed some love so I decided to spiff it up and give it a prominent place in my dining room.  I dragged it downstairs, brought it out on the front porch and scrubbed her down. It was already painted white and had an awesome crackle finish on the top…this happened on it’s own. I wanted to give it a little more distressing so I got out the hand sander and lightly sanded some of the edges and a little on the door. I replaced the knob with this old antique door plate, which I looooove! We have the greatest re-use store near me…I can wander around the place for hours, it’s got so many awesome salvaged old house parts.

Distressed, Old and Crackled!

Anyway, I love staging shelves so bringing this hutch downstairs where I can see it was pretty perfect. I have a blue eyed, curly haired, curious cutie who finds everything so fascinating so I need to keep my decorations to a minimal these days. I need to be strategic and put non-breakable things low and glass and ceramics up high, you get it, right?  I snooped around my house to find some stuff to make this hutch happy…

Dollar Store Flower Arrangement

DIY Dollar Store Flowers

This sweet bouquet of flowers…I found this cool rectangle vase in a free pile ( I love free!!!!) and filled it with some dollar store fake flowers. Fake flowers usually aren’t my thing but I thought this was cute and springy and not too tacky.

White Dishes

Happy Hutch, Crackle Finish

I have started collecting white dishes. I’ve been searching out thrift stores and that cute little pitcher is my most recent find.

Boxwood Wreath

I bought this boxwood wreath a few months ago at Target. I love it but haven’t been able to find the right place for it. Until now…

What’s Old Is New Again!

I am so glad I brought new life into this sweet little hutch.  I snooped around my house for things I already had to pretty it up so it really didn’t cost me anything. I am still keeping my eye out for cute white dishes, old glass bottles and a new-old light fixture for the dining room. I also need to paint or stain my barn door…I guess I have enough to keep me busy for awhile. Have a Happy Week!

19 thoughts on “Happy Hutch!

  1. I love this! We have a hutch I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with. It’s not something I particularly wanted, but also feel obligated to keep (family thing). This is cute and charming. I might make mends with this thing after all!

    1. You should Tori! I will tell you a boxwood wreath dresses up any piece! Post a pic if you get inspired- I would love to see it!

  2. Love the little wreath, I need one or ten of those. If you are out thrifting for white glass pieces look for Milk Glass. I’m obsessed with it, depending on what part of the country you are in it can be had for less than $5 a piece and has a history. Cake stands are pricy though!

    1. I love that wreath too! I need to research milk glass…I will have to keep my eyes open! I am from upstate NY – near Ithaca…

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