Big, Bad Barn Boards!

This is my first ever blog post!! I wanted to start out with a topic that I am totally  crazy about these days….Barn Boards!!!  I love old barns. Lots are falling apart and lots are being salvaged. Lucky for me! I think they create  a simple warmness to the room. Here are a few of the recent DIY’s I have done using these beauties.

Barn Board Towel Rack with hand forged hooks

So this is a simple towel rack I made for my upstairs bathroom re-do. The bathroom re-do has been a looooong  project, I am not quite finished but intend on showing you the reveal soon. Anyway, I scored this board from a guy off Craigslist who deconstructs old barns. He has a ton of cool boards, doors and beams…I wanted to buy more but I have NO storage in this little house. So this is actually the end piece of a larger board that I cut off  sanded lightly and sealed it with one coat of polyurethane. The poly really brought out the deep color of this baby. It’s got a ton of character with the old nail holes and dark spots. Those wrought iron hooks are really simple  and really lovely! I found them at signature hardware.

Barn Board Ledge

My next project ( which I am sooo happy I have been able to finally complete) is a little ledge above my bathroom sink. This is also a part of my bathroom redo. I found this ol’ gal at a reuse center, it was the perfect width for what I needed. I gave her a light sanding and applied two coats of polyurethane. I used a satin finish, can you see those old saw cuts? Aren’t they beautiful??!?! I was thrilled at how this came out, it looks so professional! It totally brings the new bathroom together.

My first time using salvaged barn wood was in my downstairs laundry/bathroom. I needed a nice wide shelf to store detergent, bleach and now diapers on.  So I found this beauty at the same reuse center. It costs me less than $15! I used boiled linseed oil on this one and I have to tell you that I am not happy with how it is wearing. Someday I need to seal it differently. Its color is so rich and beautiful.

Barn Board Plank Shelf

Well I hope you find these projects as interesting as I have. They have been super fun to work on and they put that farmhouse charm into the room, I am excited to be able to share them with you! I am looking forward to making another wide plank shelf in the kitchen. I am still searching for the perfect shelf brackets!

Bye for now, I need to research this blog thingy a little bit more, Hopefully someday soon this will post, it’s been harder than I thought! I just counted, this is the 14th revision…I’m gonna get this damn it!

24 thoughts on “Big, Bad Barn Boards!

    1. Oh Thank you Lynne…the blog bug has bitten me…it’s all I can think about and I am having so much fun! I can’t wait to post my next one!

  1. Love it. When I was in high school there was an artist who only used barn doors for his work. EVERYONE in our area had one of his painting of cotton or a mailbox with their name on it painted on a barn door.
    I often wonder if he still paints. He was so cool.


    1. Hi Pam- Thank you for reading…barnwood is so full of character- my mind keeps thinking about my next barn wood project!

  2. Hopefully sometime but for now you can hit like on the Facebook banner and you will get the blog on my page. Thank you Jerame!!

  3. Hello Holly. Welcome to blogland. Farmhouse is such a huge trend right now and I personally love reading DIY farmhouse posts. I saw your post through facebook. I will like you on there as well. Congratulations on your new blog.

  4. Holly, this is so awesome! I love your style. Can’t wait to see more DIY stuff. I am redoing my bathroom in the nearish future and looking for awesome ideas such as these! Hugs xx

    1. Hi Amber! Yes I love barn boards, we own a restaurant and my hubby is having new tables made from them! I will post a pic when they arrive!

  5. These are beautiful! So simple, rustic, but definitely catchy! I love them. I’d love to find some boards & do some of the same crafts as well for my next home when the time comes to buy it. Thank you for the great post!

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