DIY Door Decoration not a wreath

Dollar Store Door Decoration for Under $10!

We bought our little house 16 years ago. I remember how excited I was to finally seal the deal and call it mine. One of my most favorite features of our house back then ( and now!) was our back door. It’s a barn door kinda style and it’s a little too low for tall people to get through without bumping their heads but it’s quaint and sweet and I love it!

My back door in need of a little something, something!

When I moved in, it was painted greenish blue to match the trim, over time the bottom began to rot and the hinges became loose so a few years ago we had a handy couple replace it. In the midst of my busy life, I threw a coat of stain on it and had all good intentions of also doing a coat of polyurethane. I wanted to protect it from the elements but…guess what??!! I never did…until this week. It’s been really nice out and the kids and I have been spending most evening outside. So while they were busy playing, I took the plunge and gave it a quick sanding, plopped another coat of stain on it ( which I shared here on Facebook) and then went to town with two coats of poly. I wanted to give it some swag since it looked so shiny and new…not wanting to spend too much mullah I went to the dollar store and gathered my materials for the cutest dollar store door decoration for Under $10!

Materials from the Dollar Tree

•7 Sprigs of White Queen Anne’s Lace
•1 Foam Block
•1 Cute Little Faux Galvanized Bucket
•1 Spool of Burlap Ribbon
•I also used some glue, white paint, some spray on lacquer, sand paper and a little floral wire but I had all these goodies hanging around the house already

In my opinion, fake flowers can look really FAKE or, if you pick the right ones, they can look pretty realistic. I went with these simple White Queen Anne’s Lace Sprigs. With fake flowers, I think simple is better!

I initially thought about making a wreath but I saw this sweet little bucket and decided to use that instead.

Dollar Store Faux Galvanized Bucket

I was hoping to make the door decoration really pop so I painted the bucket white using regular old latex paint.

Waiting for it to dry just kills me!! Once it was dry, I lightly sanded the lettering on the bucket to make them stand out and distress it a little more. I then sprayed it with a little matte finish lacquer to protect it from getting scratched.

I racked my brain on how to hang it, my only solution was to poke holes in the back using a hammer and nail in order to thread a wire through to make a hanger. If anyone out there has a different suggestion on how to hang this let me know! I wasn’t crazy about poking holes in this cute little bucket, but anyway… Then I glued the foam block to the bottom of the bucket.

While I waited for the glue to dry ( patience Holly, patience!) I cut the sprigs of the Queens Anne Lace with wire cutters. I then went to town and crowded all of those Sprigs into the bucket. I wanted it to be bursting with flowers and the seven Sprigs nailed it!

White Queen Anne’s Lace Flowers

I asked my Mom to make me a bow with the burlap ribbon. She’s the bow queen around these parts! Look at that…

Bow or No Bow?

Awesome right??!!! It only cost me 10 bucks to make! I was so thrilled with the way this turned out that I had to post it early ( I usually post on Sunday but I thought I would throw this post in just for fun this week!) Enjoy these beautiful Spring Days. Thank you for checking out my latest creation! If you want to follow me on Facebook click here  and like my page and I will keep you posted on all of my latest and greatest projects!

32 thoughts on “Dollar Store Door Decoration for Under $10!

  1. I would love that door as well. The decoration is really cute and while I love the bow, it is hiding the letters that you worked hard on. Two suggestions….take it to the side and tilt it so the letters are still seen as well OR add a command strip and make a fake holder using the burlap with the bow at the top of that. However, you use it, it is lovely. Thank you for sharing it at TADA! Thursdays.

    1. Thank you Debbie! Yes I said no go with the bow and decided to save it for another project- lettering is too cute to cover and I like the simplicity.

  2. Very cute Holly! I love faux flowers…they live forever, lol! It is amazing what you have done with items from the dollar store, I think I need to visit our local dollar store and see what I can come up with. And I love, love, love that door!! Thank you for sharing with us at Create and Celebrate this month!

  3. Cute! We just got a dollar store in town…it’s the only store other than the gas station, haha. So, it looks like I may have to go on a shopping spree!

    1. Hi Ellie! I poked holes in it with a nail and threaded a wire through the two holes. The post has a picture of how I did it.

  4. I love the planter you used. I have looked for one like it at my local Dollar Tree, with no luck. Which dollar store did you find this at?

    1. Hi Judy! I bought it a month or more ago – but I saw a few there last week. I live near Ithaca, NY…it’s the Dollar Tree there…

  5. This is just gorgeous! It looks like you spent a lot more on it than you actually did! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing this at the Farmhouse Friday link party! I’ve chosen it as one of the features for tomorrow’s party 🙂

  6. you did all that waiting on painting drying sanding to let letters stand out. then you covered it with the bow!!!! why not 2 smaller bows at each end or add ribbon to your hanger and put bow on top?

    1. No bow Bonnie! I agree – the top photo in my blog is how I kept it, just saved the bow for another project …

  7. Really cute idea!! I have some of those little white flowers, and some vintage style buckets. Might have to steal this one! 😉

    I didn’t read all the comments, so if someone already suggested this for a hanger, then oops! But take one of those plastic hangers that you get when you buy a skirt or pair of pants that has the clips on the ends & clip it to the back of the bucket & see if it holds it good & then you can hang it on your door with the hook portion. EVERYONE has tons of those hangers. Maybe cover the hook part with the bow if it isn’t hidden by the flowers.

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