DIY Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom

DIY Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom

Okay! Here it is! This is the project that inspired me to start this crazy blog. So when I decided to give a makeover to my bathroom (with a little DIY Industrial Farmhouse Flair) I was on maternity leave, Sophie is two now, hopefully that gives you an idea of how long it’s been in the works! Well it’s finally done, and I am looking forward to showing you the end results. Completely and totally DIY, don’t expect travertine tile or a huge soaker tub (my dream!). But’s it’s clean and simple and way better than the 70’s paneling or gingham wall paper that was there before. By the way, I did not take very good before pictures (since the start of the project was  pre-blog) but hopefully the pictures picture I was able to scavenge up can give you a little idea of how old and dated it was. Here goes! [This post contains affiliate links]

Best and only before picture I could find- darn it! See the left side of the picture? It is primed paneling.

Bead Board Wallpaper!

I think what made the most dramatic change in this bathroom is the bead board wall paper- Yes that’s wall paper! These walls are paneled and there was no way I could afford to sheet rock so I found this wall paper at Lowes. It’s pre-pasted which means you do not need to fuss with wallpaper paste just soak it in water to activate and start hanging. If you have cruddy walls like I did- go for it! This stuff is super forgiving. You can actually paint it, but I chose not to and kept it as is. I bought the roles for around 20 dollars at Lowes and I needed 4 altogether. For having a small house, this bathroom is relatively large, which is nice because lately it’s my little serene oasis. I got a toddler, a tween and a twenty something, this mama needs serenity sometimes!

Ahhhhh! It’s been a long time in the makin’

Super Simple Floor that YOU can do!

I love my floor. Believe it or not it’s peel and stick  vinyl tiles??!! It’s a product from Traffic Master called Ceramica (here is a similar style from Amazon) that allows you to grout in between the tiles which make it look like the real deal ( ceramic that is). I ordered it from Home Depot years ago as we used the same stuff for my kitchen.  It’s worn very well in that room although my grout could stand a good cleaning. And the rug? The beautiful rug…I drooled over it for a while. It was popping up on my Pinterest feed for the longest time and it was more than I wanted to spend but I splurged and ended up buying it. It’s from Rugs USA. Hey, I did all of this work by myself so I thought splurging on a rug was deserved…well at least  that’s how I reconciled it in my mind anyway.

The mess as we are laying the floor

Oh my! That Rug!

Refurbished the Old Vanity and Mirror with Chalk Paint

On to the vanity…I used chalk paint and new hardware to give a little bit of life back into this plain old oak vanity. I am still considering using concrete on the sink, if I do,  I will let you know and fill you in on all the messy details.I plan on spray painting the faucet too. I also chalk painted the frame of the old medicine cabinet. This was my first time using chalk paint. If you want your piece to look worn and distressed, use it. This wasn’t the look I wanted but I went with it and it grew on me.  I tried hard to spend as little money on this project as possible, but my other splurge was the Industrial style vanity lights I bought from Lowes. I think they were 35 dollars each. Maybe that doesn’t sound like too much but this is coming from a girl who contemplates every freakin’ purchase over five dollars! They were kinda a BBBBear to install because my house is old and crooked but they made a huge difference and really gave the bathroom that industrial farmhouse look I was going for.

The vanity, I am still hoping to spray paint the faucet and maybe concrete the sink.

I used old reclaimed barn wood to make the ledge over the bathroom sink and toilet! Love it! Same with the towel rack. You can read this post about my love for barn wood here!

I love the baskets. I know they look neat and clean for the picture but I use them to store my flat iron and the hooks for hand towels.

I grappled a bit with my window treatment. I wanted something light and airy and simple. I am alllllll about fabric. I came up with a simple idea, I just sewed two cotton dish towels together and used curtain clips and a sweet little rod to hang it. Just what I was envisioning and the dishcloths were only 5 bucks at Walmart!

My Industrial Style Wall Sconce, that was a win. I made that little cutie all by my little old self! You can read how here!

My Wall Sconce, simple way to add extra light to my bathroom!

Farmhouse Style Door…easy peasy and only cost me about $30!

My DIY door makeover …this was a biggie… you can read my full tutorial here! This project made such a huge difference, it was my final project that wrapped up the re-do and I am glad I took the extra time to do it.

Scored this industrial style wall shelf [here is one just like it ]and the little baskets to store wash cloths at Hobby Lobby. Super cute, I love both of them.

Totally Lovin’ this Shelf!

My pops of color kinda just happened.  I stumbled upon the shower curtain at Target on clearance, it has a golden rod color linen band at the bottom and the top is cotton…like I said I love fabrics and when I saw this I wasn’t sure of the yellow because I was kinda thinking about sticking with white and wood tones but I am so glad I bought it, I love the touch of yellow.

Pop of Yellow and The Barn Board Towel Rack
See how a little DIY Love goes a long way!

Adorable paper flowers from Walmart and a little touch of yellow in my Love picture rounds out my  tour of my DIY Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom. By the way, I want to thank you guys a million times over for reading my blog, it’s been so much fun sharing my ideas with you! I really, really, really mean that ♥♥! Please remember to follow me on Facebook to keep up on my latest projects.

15 thoughts on “DIY Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom

  1. Your whole room looks beautiful! I too am a big fan of beadboard wall paper and vinyl peel and stick tiles!! They look great and it’s simple enough for me to do myself!

    1. Totally! Those peel and stick tile are really beautiful and they look just like ceramic- we love them! Thank you!

  2. You nailed the farmhouse look! That price can’t be beat! I’m all about low-budget renos/makeovers and so many people don’t know where to start or how to do it cost-effectively.

    1. Hi Derika! Yes, I am all about not spending too much money on my makeovers, it’s more fun that way- I love a good bargain!

  3. Fantastic makeover, I think everything is great from the wallpaper to the painted vanity. My favorite project is the DIY lamp you made. Terrific job. Thanks for sharing Pinning

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