diy Door Makeover from Plain to Paneled!

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Yup! I have those cheap-o plain doors throughout my little house, all equipped with those beautiful brass tone knobs (ugh!)…I knew replacements weren’t in the cards so I decided to make over those Plain Jane doors to paneled farmhouse style beauties! Let me show you how I managed to do this simple makeover that added pizzazz to these worn doors! Essentially you are creating 4 frames that get tacked onto either side of the door with a brad nailer, sounds super simple, right? Totally easy…here goes!

I do tons of research before I start my projects so I read tutorials on this and each one suggested I use construction adhesive. If you have ever worked with construction adhesive you know that it’s super tacky and goopy and a mess to deal with. To make a long story short, I started to use it on my first panel but quickly changed methods because it oozed out the side of the trim and was super sticky and hard to remove. Needless to say, this project does not require construction adhesive


•6 – 8 Foot Pieces of Molding (I used polyfoam molding, it was the least expensive and lightweight)

•Blue Painters Tape

•Measuring Tape


•Kilz Primer


•Miter Saw

•Brad Nailer

So I am all about simple, just to make it easy I decided to make the panels the same size on both the top and the bottom. I marked and measured the halfway point of my door and decided how wide I wanted the panel and then how long. These measurements will all be different depending on your door size and how many panels you choose to create so I won’t bore you with my measurements.

Molding Cut & Supplies Ready

Using my miter saw, I cut 4 pieces of molding to assemble the first panel. I then used those cut pieces as my template for the remaining three panels. I actually laid the template piece over the molding, drew a pencil mark on both ends and cut at a 45 degree angle. Once I had all my pieces cut, I assembled the panel on the floor. I used painters tape to tape together each corner like this…

Constructing the Panel

I then taped the panel to the door. My heart was racing, I was so excited because I could already tell how totally amazing these doors were going to look. I had to text a picture to my sister at this point since no one was home to share my DIY win!

Lookin’ Good!

I tacked the pieces up using 1 ½ inch brad nails. I removed the tape and caulked each seam. I primed the door with two coats of Kilz Primer and 3, YES 3, coats of paint!!! I spray painted the brass toned door knob (I will fill you in on that project later). But here is the finished project! Can you believe the difference??!! I am thrilled at how this door came out. It looks perfectly perfect next to the wall sconce I made. What do you think, do you have a wood paneled door that needs a little farmhouse love?? Let me know if you give it a try!

Wow! Can you believe it?!

33 thoughts on “diy Door Makeover from Plain to Paneled!

  1. Wow! I am amazed at the difference – I would never know that the cheap-looking doors were underneath that beauty! Such a great idea and looks easy to do as well!

  2. Wow!! That is amazing! And it looks so good! I’m going to try it out on some doors it is definitely more affordable than buying “upgraded” doors!

  3. Wow! Great job on the door. I had no idea that pieces could be added to make them look that different. Will have to remember that. 🙂

  4. Your doors look amazing! I love the door knobs too! We have brass door knobs all through the house….yuck, I really need to spray paint them. Thank you for sharing at Create and Celebrate!

  5. Wow, what a huge difference! It looks beautiful:) Thanks for sharing this with us at the Home Matters Link Party, hope to see you again next week:) #HomeMattersParty

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