Decoupage Foot Stool Makeover

Before I tell you all about this cute little decoupage stool makeover I want to share some blogging wins I had this week. First of all, I had joined a link party a few weeks back. What’s a link party, you ask? It’s where lots of bloggers post their very best content on another bloggers site who are acting as the host to the link party. Anyway, when you enter  your content the hope is that you become the featured post. The host usually picks two or three posts to feature after the party closes. Guess what? My sweet and simple door decoration post was chosen as one of the featured posts! The best part was the party was hosted by a really influential blogger, The Painted Hinge, with tons of followers so my site saw a big spike in it’s daily views! WooooHoo! I was happy, happy, happy! A few other little wins! I reached 500 Facebook Followers ♥ and I am hoping to have 5000 page views for this month! It’s been really fun seeing how my blog is growing and how it gets read by other people besides my mom and sisters. So a BIG heartfelt thank you to all my readers near and far! [This post contains affiliate links]

Okay,  on to the decoupaging! I wanted to spruce up this boring little foot stool. I think my hubby picked it up at an auction with a lot of other interesting items. He has a way of bidding on nothing but the very best at auctions (can you detect the sarcasm in my tone). By the way, this is a super simple quick little project that was really fun and hardly cost me anything since I had all the supplies on hand.

Not bad just boring, right?


Mod Podge, White Paint, Tissue Paper, Sanding Block, Polycrylic Protective Finish , Paint Brush

We gave it a good sanding to roughen her up a bit. I used the hand sander on the top and Alexander went to town on sanding the little legs.

Alexander Joined in the Fun being my sander!

I wiped it down with a damp cloth and then went to town painting it with the rest of my Picket Fence White Fusion Mineral Paint. It took two coats on the little bitty legs and only one on the top since I knew it was going to get decoupaged!

Painted and ready to get decoupaged!

I used Mod Podge and a sheet of pretty pretty aqua tissue paper I picked up at the dollar tree! I am really loving that aqua color lately and I was excited to be able to incorporate it in this little stool. I painted a thin layer of Mod Podge on the top of the foot stool, then gently laid the tissue paper on top. I used my fingers to try to remove any major wrinkles or air bubbles. Then I painted a top coat of Mod Podge over the tissue paper and gave it plenty of time to dry.

Painting a light coat of Mod Podge on the top.

Then I trimmed the excess tissue paper. This was really awesome…all you need to do to get a super clean cut is to use a sanding block and gently sand the tissue paper around the edges. It comes out perfectly trimmed!

Sanding off the extra paper.

I gave it a coat of Polycrylic from Minwax for extra protection and durability. I chose a matte finish since I am not  big on shiny.

I just loved it! Once again I was patiently waiting for my hubby to wake up to see this little cutie! He loved it too! This was my first decoupage project and I plan on doing many more. It’s a fun way to incorporate patterns on furniture or containers. I have seen others use paper napkins, sheets of music and fabric but  you can probably  decoupage anything with anything. I used Mod Podge but I think Elmers glue with a little water would probably work just as good for you. Now, how am I going to use this little stool? I was thinking about using it as a little shelf on my desk, a foot stool for Sophie so she can reach the bathroom sink or a place to rest my feet under my desk at work (although it’s too cute to be hidden under my desk!). I like the shelf idea the best! Well guys, have a happy week ♥ and thank you for reading!


10 thoughts on “Decoupage Foot Stool Makeover

  1. That foot stool is darling and I love that you got your son involved. I love a quick DIY project, and this made me want to bust out my Mod Podge from years ago!

    1. Thank you Viktoria! It was really easy and I was totally amazed how the sanding block trimmed the edges so perfectly – have fun!

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