A Simple Way To Make Fancy Chalkboard Signs

Oh boy, I have envied those people who can make those fancy chalkboard signs.I had been practicing free hand style but I wanted to kick it up a notch.  I figured there was probably a simple, fool proof way of making nice,neat, fancy lettering so I investigated my options and found this simple trick to making neat chalkboard art even if you don’t have a steady hand or perfect hand writing.

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This project requires only a few simple materials…

•Liquid Chalk Pen (This is a great deal on chalk pens, 5 pens for about $6!)

Plain White Chalk

•A regular old pencil

•The Word or Art you would like tranfered to your chalkboard printed out on paper

•A Super Cute Chalkboard

 A few years ago I bought a sweet little chalkboard with a handy metal basket attached from Homegoods, it was around $12 on clearance! I had good intentions of creating chalkboard art for every holiday and season (bahahaha). Instead,  I have been using it as a “catchall” for my kiddo’s homework papers and the chalkboard part stayed a blank slate until now.

A Simple Guide to Making Fancy Chalkboard Art…

I envisioned making a welcome sign on my chalkboard in the kitchen. I found a cute font and printed out the word Welcome on plain white paper like this…


I then flipped the paper over and colored the back of the word “welcome” in white chalk, just plain old chalk, nothing special.

 Next,  I flipped the paper back over and  lined up where I wanted the word Welcome to be on my chalkboard and outlined and colored in the word using a pencil. I added slight pressure, but not too much!

I removed the paper and…Wallah! 

Nice, neat, fancy lettering! Not done yet though. This step brings it to a whole new level and makes the art totally Pinterest worthy! I took my liquid chalk pen and traced over the chalk letters since I wanted it to stand out. The liquid chalk pen is an absolute MUST to making your art stand out.

I wanted to embellish it a touch more so I drew a little wreath around the word Welcome. In order to  draw the wreath, I traced around a stainless steel bowl to get a perfect circle.

Then I drew simple little leaf shapes around the circle to complete the wreath and make the sign that much more sweeter.

I drew the leaves to resemble oblong hearts..too cute right??!! After the liquid chalk dried, I wiped off the chalk residue, I used a dry  q-tip to get in the small spaces between the letters. I was super happy with the results and it was easy peasy!! From now on I will be changing my chalkboard art more often since I now have this little trick up my sleeve!

In case you don’t have a chalkboard to practice this fancy lettering on I found a cute farmhouse style one on Amazon that is reasonably priced and super cute! Have fun with this, I know I have!

14 thoughts on “A Simple Way To Make Fancy Chalkboard Signs

  1. This turned out really cute! I use a similar technique, for pictures and lettering, in a journal, but never thought to use that technique on a chalkboard! I’m going to have to do this when I paint my pantry door with chalk.

    1. Thanks Danielle! I think I may run into a challenge when I erase it, I read acetone can get it off…I will keep you posted …

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