10 Minute Thrifty Wall Art

Hi Guys! I recently started a bigger house project, I plan on giving the upstairs a little face lift! I have been peeling wallpaper (it’s done!) and soon I will be on to priming and painting the upstairs hallway, I have a goal of installing and making a barn door and changing out some light fixtures. I will be sure to include you guys in on my progress. So while I am devoting more time to this bigger project I plan on sharing a few simple projects for the next few weeks on the blog. This is a thrifty ten minute wall art idea. I had this old frame and cheesy print hanging around the house for too long. I needed a little something for my dining room wall. I wasn’t looking to spend any money since sometimes wall art can get a little pricey. I wanted something simple and this was REALLY simple. For me, this was a no cost project because I had all of the goodies hanging around already. Here goes….


Mod Podge
Latex Paint
Foam Brush

I removed the old print from the frame by prying the staples up. I cut the piece of burlap to fit the print with about an inch over hang. I used Mod Podge to glue the burlap down to the backside of the print. I didn’t want any color showing through the burlap from the print. Then I returned the picture to the frame, and pried the staples back down to secure. This time with the burlap glued on like this….

This is the back of the wall art…see what I mean? Cheesy print, right?
This is the front of my new wall art.

I made my own heart stencil but you can find plenty for free off the internet. I centered it on the burlap and traced the heart with a pencil. I then dipped my foam brush in a little latex paint and gently dabbed the paint to fill my heart in, and that’s it!

My little heart getting traced…I am a girly girl…I love hearts and flowers.
Filling in the heart with plain old white latex paint.

I hung a little glittered hello cut out sign above it. I found this in the clearance section at the Hobby Lobby for 3 dollars…simple and cute, right?!

Hello…isn’t it a cheerful greeting when you walk into my house?

It came out so cute that I decided to make another one for my downstairs bathroom. These two little chubby love birds called out to me…I loved it. I found the stencil pattern here. Thank you boredart.com ♥

Okie Dokie! Have fun making this one! I just love a simple, quick project that costs me nothing to make. I hope you have a happy week. Please remember to like me on Facebook to keep up with all my latest projects!

One thought on “10 Minute Thrifty Wall Art

  1. So pretty! Such an easy, lovely, and economical way to refresh old frames! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing this at the Farmhouse Friday link party! Pinned! 🙂

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